CJ & Brian

Two become One

CJ Bachmann
Brian Stasik

Sep 14th, 2024

At Wallenpaupack Creek Farm

South Sterling, Pennsylvania

Wallenpaupack Creek Farm

674 S Sterling Rd

South Sterling PA, 18460

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Our Story

How We Met

In the picturesque chapters of life, sometimes the most unexpected encounters lead to the most beautiful stories. Ours is a tale that began amidst the fresh starts and new chapters. After navigating the winding roads of life and closing the pages on our previous marriages, we both found ourselves embarking on a new journey, separately yet destined to intertwine, in the same apartment complex.

It was the dog park at our complex that set the stage for our fateful meeting. Amidst the lush greenery and the playful barks, our paths crossed. It wasn’t just our dogs who found companionship that day; there was an unmistakable spark between us, a connection that transcended the ordinary.

From that day forward, the dog park became more than just a place for our pets to play. It turned into our rendezvous, a sanctuary where our friendship blossomed into something deeper. We found ourselves planning our days around those precious moments at the park, eagerly awaiting the laughter and conversations that felt as natural as the world around us.

As we walked our dogs, talked about everything under the sun, and shared stories of our past, we realized how perfectly our lives fit together. Our bond grew stronger with each passing day, and before we knew it, we were no longer just neighbors but partners in the truest sense.

Our story is a testament to new beginnings and the unexpected twists of fate. It's about finding love when you least expect it and embracing the journey that brings two people together. As we celebrate our union, we look back at the dog park with fondness – the place where it all began, where two separate paths merged into one.

The Proposal

Our engagement story is one that weaves together the beauty of nature, the simplicity of true love, and the serendipity of life. It all started with a weekend escape to the mountains, where we sought refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nestled in a cozy yurt, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the wilderness, it was just us and our loyal dogs, a perfect retreat to the simplicity and beauty of nature.

As morning dawned, the mountains greeted us with a gentle, rainy chill, wrapping the world around us in a misty embrace. Deciding to head back, we found ourselves drawn to the place where our love story began – the dog park. Little did I know, Brian had been carrying a secret, a plan that was about to unfold.

As we settled the dogs and strolled through the familiar paths of the park, I noticed Brian seemed unusually nervous, an endearing flutter in his steps. Then, in a moment that felt as natural as the rain softly falling around us, he came up close, his eyes reflecting the depth of his emotions. "Sooooo... I've been wanting to do this for a long time," he said, his voice filled with the sincerity and love that has always defined us. "Will you marry me?"

It was pure, heartfelt, and beautifully simple. There, in the very place where our paths first crossed, amidst the playful barks and the gentle rain, we began the next chapter of our life together. The dog park, which had witnessed the start of our journey, now became the backdrop for this new, exhilarating chapter.

Our engagement wasn't marked by grand gestures or elaborate settings; it was the purity of the moment, the sweetness of Brian's proposal, and the significance of the location that made it incredibly special. We started our first chapter there, and now, we were ready to embark on the next, hand in hand, with our faithful companions by our side.