Jacob & Brittany

We’re Getting Married!





Mars Hill, NC

Delaney Ridge

1067 Ponder Creek Road, Mars Hill, NC 28754

Our Story

How We Met

Jacob & I first met when we were kids. I was playing travel softball with his youngest sister Jordan. I’ll be honest, we didn’t talk much. I thought he was talkative, and rambling most of the time, but honestly he still does that.
We both grew up, and went to different high schools. It wasn’t until we both were graduated, and attending AB Tech, when we ran back into each other. We didn’t talk much in that English class, but I did notice him. I noticed how much he grew up, but yet was still dorky and funny. He was always sitting with his best friend, and one of the best men Hunter, and always laughing. It wasn’t until about a year later we actually started reconnecting, and then we went on a few dates, and he asked me to be his girlfriend in the bowling alley parking lot (so romantic).

The Proposal

We were in Charleston, SC and it was a sunny Tuesday (March 8th, 2022) to be exact and we went walking to the park by the ocean.
He got down on one knee on the boardwalk and told me he wanted to spend forever with me, and the rest was history.