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September 16th, 2023

The Ruins at Sassafras

194 Darrow Road

New Lebanon NY, 12125

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Our Story

How We Met

We met the day we signed a lease to live together along with 4 other (mostly) random college kids. We quickly became best friends spending all of our free time making chocolate chip pancakes, taking late night trips to the cemetery, finding every hiking spot in the area, and spending night after night laughing at the kitchen table. That first year quickly turned into 3 years with some twists and turns along the way. We met some amazing people, made some absurd memories, and had a damn good time along the way. On Halloween 2015 we (finally) had our first kiss and never turned back.

The Proposal

Matt proposed on our 7 year anniversary. It's our tradition to buy our Christmas tree on our anniversary, so we went tree shopping and just so happened to buy the most amazing tree we have ever bought. He cooked me a delicious steak dinner while I decorated the tree. We sat down, ate dinner, drank wine, and watched tv - a very normal night for us. He kept suggesting I change into pj's (something I normally do as soon as I get home). I kept stubbornly sitting on the couch not changing into pj's! He finally got me upstairs to change and as I came down the stairs all of the lights in the house were off and there was a ring box at the top of the tree with a light shining down on the most beautiful emerald ring. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!