Sara & Troy






Cherry Creek, NY

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd, Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Our Story

How We Met

The classic "bring your kid to work day" with my mom. I was in 5th grade, Troy was in 7th grade. My mom was working at the high school as a lunch monitor, always settling this table of crazy 7th grade boys. I remember being a little more shy this day, not my usual! After I left this day, Troy told my mom, "I am going to date your daughter", my mom's response was "over my body!". Fast forward 4 years at homecoming. Troy is standing against the wall with his best friend (our best man) too cool to dance. I remember walking by and remembering him from before, two months later we were dating. Now here we are, happily ever after.

The Proposal

We rode 2 1/2 hours on the motorcycle, Troy was too nervous to be in a car with me for that long, to wonder through the field of sunflowers, creating a bouquet of our own sunflowers and dahlia's (my favorite flowers), Troy decided to post his phone on a stand to "take a picture of us" with self-timer. As he walked towards me he knelt on one knee, asking the question every girl dreams of hearing, "will you marry me?". Of course we cried and hugged for minutes after, to then come home to our families waiting for us with cake and champagne to celebrate!