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July 22nd, 2022

Smith Farm Gardens at Smith Garden Farms

60 Smith Road

East Haddam CT, 06423

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Our Story

How We Met

In September 2017, Nick and Brianna were both somewhat freshly out of long-term relationships. Nick lived about an hour away from the Norwich area where Brianna was living. Though it was a place he had rarely ever been to, Nick happened to go out with some friends in Norwich that night and the two matched on a dating app (shout out Tinder). Their first date was only a few days later. Brianna did not know what to think of Nick whipping up in his bright red Honda Civic and ordering of a lamb burger. While Nick was not sure what to make of Brianna's cute smile and dorky laugh. After dating for several months, Nick finally got a job offer he'd been working so hard towards, but with one catch...the job was in Maine/New Hampshire area. He told Brianna he would be willing to pass on the offer if it meant getting to continue to date her. Brianna told him that if he declined the offer, she would break up with him. She knew if they could make this work, the rest would be cake. So for the next 3 years, Nick and Brianna took turns driving the 2 1/2 hours back and forth from CT to NH to see each other every weekend. BRICK was born.

The Proposal

After Nick finally got a new job in CT in December of 2020, the two moved in together. Nick decided he was going to propose in the not-too-distant future. As we know, Nick always needs to research a topic to death before he takes action, so he became a semi-expert on diamonds and found an oval solitaire diamond set in yellow gold that he knew Brianna would love (almost as much as she loves chocolate). Ring in hand, Nick talked to both his and Brianna's friends and family about his plans to propose. The cover story he told Brianna was that they should do a weekend in Portsmouth, NH where he was previously living since he knew they both really missed the delicious food. Chocolate croissants from a French bakery, hummus from a Greek restaurant, Spanish tapas from Cava, and hot buttered lobster rolls from The Beach Plum, it was not very hard for Brianna to be convinced to do a weekend away all about the food. So on July 17, 2021, the two went for a walk on the same NH beach they had spent 3 years walking & talking on about how great it would be to *SOME DAY* live together instead of being in a long-distance relationship and one day be married. As they got to the end of the beach, Nick dropped to one knee and asked Brianna "do you want to be Brick forever?" After a few minutes of excitement, Brianna finally remembered to say "Yes!"