Brian & Vanessa

We’re Getting Married!





Peletier, NC

Farm 58 Wedding & Event Venue

201 Brookside Court South, Peletier, NC 28584

Our Story

How We Met

Brian and Vanessa met each other in January of 2023 and fell in love. They are both proud parents, blending their households together. Throughout 2023 they discussed the idea of getting married and developing their love for each other even more.

The Proposal

On December 24th, 2023 in front of all of Vanessa’s family, Brian proposed to her asking for her hand in marriage. While this may seem cliche, Brian chose this date not because of Christmas Eve as some might think, but the 24th of the January is actually the day they met in 2023. So each month they celebrate this date as the day that changed both their lives. So the 24th of December was no different, except Brian liked it so much he put a ring on it!!!