Are Getting Married at 4pm in the Afternoon!

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November 5th, 2023

Patio on the Hill

1667 E 100th St N

Wagoner OK, 74467

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Our Story

How We Met

Our love story started a little over 14 years ago. We met at my (Kathy) job at the time. Brandon asked for my number. I was shocked and fumbled writing it down while giving it to him. A couple of months later we made it official with dating.

The Proposal

We went to church to see a nephew's act in a Christmas play. After church Brandon was okay with going to In the Raw to eat. This was a bit odd but I was thankful. He even tried some sushi! I asked to go look at the gift shop across the street and perhaps the antique shop and he politely agreed but wanted to walk main street. I had heels on so of course I did not want to but I agreed. We walk main street often in Broken Arrow after eating as well as to find painted rocks. We went to a little park on main street that we frequent. I said "We are not going to find any rocks" and he said "How about this rock?" When I turned around he was on bended knee, holding a ring. Completely taken aback I eventually came out of shock and said yes!