Virginia & Scott

Let's Say I Do!



Scott Myers


Liberty Hill, TX

Shooting Star Ranch

1704 County Road 285, Liberty Hill, TX 78642

Our Story

How We Met

Scott and I met in English Class at American River College. It was by divine intervention that a classmate broke the social contract of life and sat in my 'unassigned' assigned seat, forcing me to sit one row back. Coincidentally, it was also the day our professor would introduce a peer edit assignment on the papers we were working on at the moment. In an effort to find a partner quickly, I turned to my right and asked the guy sitting next to me, Scott, to be my writing partner. He graciously agreed and from that day on, Scott from English Class and I have been adventuring in this world writing our story together.

The Proposal

On a bright, sunny day, driven by a spontaneous urge, Virginia and I ventured into the wilderness of Joshua Tree to immerse ourselves in the land's beauty. Our journey was filled with adventure, but after days of exploring under the harsh desert sun, we found ourselves in dire need of rest. Our quest for an oasis led us to a serene spring, nestled among palms in a shaded valley—a perfect respite from our exertions.

Refreshed, we discovered a mountain that beckoned us to its summit. Accepting its challenge, we climbed and were rewarded with the crest's snowy cap, offering an enchanting view. As the sun dipped below the horizon, our day's conquest cast a long shadow over the land, while the sky transitioned into a canvas of gold, marking the passage from day to night.

In this moment of awe, with the cool evening air embracing us and Virginia taking in the valley's vastness, I felt an overwhelming sense of clarity. I pulled a ring from my pocket and, with a heart full of hope, asked Virginia to marry me. After a moment of thoughtful consideration, her excited "yes" filled the air, sealing our promise under the watchful eye of the setting sun.