Amanda & Porsha

We’re Getting Married!





Ararat, NC


The FarmHouse Siloam

2738 Siloam Road, Ararat, NC 27030

Our Story

How We Met

Facebook! Yep that's right Amanda and I met on THE BLUE APP 🥰. The back story goes like this ... Amanda started by sending me messages, uplifting messages being I was going through a split which had me posting out of character things. From those messages we became friends. Time passed and the both of us still managed to keep the conversation going via fb. After about a year I finally asked Amanda on a date and she said yes! 😀😁 I wanted to do something different and being the NBTF was going on I decided to invite her to my favorite show, midnight poetry! Hence we scheduled our wedding around the time of our 1st date in 2013! 🥰 From there the rest is herstory *history* ... yes I'm a little cheesy and Amanda loves it!

The Proposal

I decided to throw Amanda a surprise 40th and to pop the question there! Amanda had been talking about having a huge party for her 40th and I decided to deliver in the BIGGEST way I knew how! Not only was my Hunni Bun *Amanda* surprised when we walked into her party, I actually made her cry when I got down on 1 knee and let me tell you Amanda shows NO emotions hardly ever!!! So, she said yes and here we are today ready to tie the knot and celebrate with all of our loved ones!