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September 30th, 2024

The Buttes at Reflections

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Nick was pursuing something he had been missing for a while. He had been watching his heroes in the climbing world since he was a kid. He was then 23 and quickly realized his window to pursue a life to mimic the greatest adventurers he had come to admire was closing. Taking a leap to move closer to Yosemite, the crucible of strong wills, he became enamored with plans to conquer the biggest and hardest routes in the country. He found himself struggling to encounter partners with a similar objective and simultaneously feeling a lack of a sense of belonging. Between excursions into the mountains, He felt alone and unmotivated. Despite seeking monumental achievements that are unanimously agreed upon by the climbing community, every individual continues to have a normal life with hidden wonders that are taken for granted. All his family and friends were back in the Midwest, and he did not have anyone to share his life with. No one to have dinner with. No one to motivate him when he was slacking, no one to turn to when he had a difficult day.
Stephanie was pursuing a degree of a bachelors in Animal Sciences at California State, University Fresno. Stephanie was committed to achieve her goal at graduating, while doing two part time jobs, a horse, and full time school. Stephanie had little time with friends and often felt like a third wheel, as most of her friends were in relationships. Stephanie was very hopeful to find love one day. She pushed herself to go out there and try something new, something out of her comfort zone, something she had never thought to try, a dating app. She was skeptical about it all. She went on several first dates, however none would work out like she wanted. She felt the sense of being picky. She was very hopeful to connect with someone who treats her right and acts like a gentleman. Years go by of deleting the app and reinstalling it every so often. She had given up on dating apps, and felt the need to delete it once and for all. When a sudden notification appeared that caught her attention. A certain man she matched with purchased an upgrade on the app to receive more time with me as our match was about to expire. Due to this, I had to make a move. And the adventure begins.
Nick had not had much luck with dating back home and usually resorted to online dating because he found nightlife to be mentally exhausting. He gave online dating another shot with the intent to have extremely low expectations. Swipe left. Swipe right. Swipe left, swipe left, swipe right. Until finally he noticed a message. A cautious jump of excitement came when he saw an exuberant young woman on a beach somewhere in France. The message read, “Let’s do it!” Forgetting what this was in response to this, he went back to look at his “Ice breaker questions.” One being, “What is your ideal first date.”He jokingly replied, “paddle-board boxing match” to wean out all the shallow and vain women who had no sense of adventure. They started to exchange messages concerning likes and dislikes and other topics one would raise when meeting a new acquaintance. There would be times of continuous dread and anxiety during periods of no reply. Did he say something wrong? Is he not that cool? Did she find someone else? Until he had a small reprieve after what felt like days and sometimes was. It was later explained to me that the trip was the reason for her delayed messages. He survived these times with what I regretfully must call Instagram stalking. He enjoyed seeing her photo updates of her time in France and could not help but think that these photos are either heavily edited or AI generated by some fat guy in his mom’s basement.