Beronica & Brent

We’re Getting Married!





Dover, PA


Lakeview Farms Events

3440 Admire Rd, Dover, PA 17315

Our Story

How We Met

Brent and I met through the help of one of my best friends. On a random girls night sipping wine I said I am ready to meet a man and start a family does your friend have a friend LOL. Well not expecting anything her friend happen to have a cousin available “Brent” so me thinking this will probably go nowhere we exchange numbers and started texting each other. After a few weeks of texting and phone conversations we finally arranged to meet and from that very moment I new he was the one he stole my heart!

The Proposal

I always wanted to experience Christmas in New York and the year I wanted to go things just did not work out so now here it was 2022 and I said I am making this possible so I started planning the weekend in New York just Brent and I. We booked the hotel, dinner reservations, ice skating in Rockefeller and the horse and carriage ride in Central Park . All the things I wanted to do on our weekend away kid free. Brent somehow without me knowing organized between the carriage driver and a photographer to stop at the fountain in Central Park to photograph him proposing and have red roses for me. It was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me! How he pulled this off without me figuring it out I’ll never know because if you know me I am nosy lol!