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April 20th, 2024

Delaney Ridge

1067 Ponder Creek Road

Mars Hill NC, 28754

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Our Story

How We Met

We swiped right.

After pulling into an extremely rural town for another travel assignment, I (Kelsey) quickly realized how deprived my social life would be. I was stubborn for a while, avoiding tinder due to its negative reviews. Suddenly, this seemed insignificant. A few dates would, at the very least, get me out. I matched with a couple guys and immediately felt remorse. This is how people die.

I went out for drinks with my new co-workers and it wasn’t fulfilling. After driving them both home, I made the bold choice to go back to the bar by myself to spice up life. There, I questioned the patrons about this guy I matched with on tinder. It turned out that one was a coworker (it’s a small town) and he had some negative comments. Instead of shutting me down, I was even more intrigued to meet this guy. One meeting at the bowling alley later, and I’m so glad I did.

The Proposal

He asked with my family around, followed by my two best friends popping out behind trees. I cried twice. I haven’t felt that excitement in a long time. It was perfect for me.