Bernadette & Thomas

We're Getting Married!!!!! An All White Affair!





Lexington Park, MD

Dawn on the Chesapeake, LLC

48725 Spring Ridge Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653

Our Story

How We Met

Thomas and Bernadette first met as two young people, still discovering who they would become. They attended F.C. Hammond Jr. High School and T.C. Williams High School together. Bernadette was an active school athlete. Thomas, also an athlete and the junior high school student photographer, he often captured her action shots for the student yearbook that he still has to this day. After school, their paths would go in two very different directions, but what was meant to be was meant to be. Bernadette and Thomas crossed paths again via a Facebook page for their 25th High School reunion. Posting to the reunion page at the same time, they discovered they were both in the same place, the National Harbor, at the same time. They decided to find each other, and………. They found each other!

The Proposal

On Christmas Day 2016, Thomas gave Bernadette "the ring" and his heart. The rest of their love story is still being written, and Bern and Thomas can't wait to have you share a chapter with them on September 14th!