Jennifer & Harvey

"I Love You Mostest"

Jennifer Johnston
Harvey Kelly

Oct 13th, 2023

At Due Sorelle

Ruckersville, Virginia

Due Sorelle

2195 Spotswood Trail

Ruckersville VA, 22968

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Our Story

How We Met

Oct 23, 2020

It was a bright October in the heat of beginning to get on the other side of COVID shake of 2020 when Facebook Dating became a bright idea for both Harvey and me. While I was getting through a rough patch personally as well as getting out of a dead relationship, I decided to make a profile brutally honest as I was tired of all the silly non serious responses you get online and thought this would drive away half of the trash before it even messaged me. Included in this where things like my child, the cat Meeka and her role in my life along with she was not going anywhere.

In rolls Harvey, allergic to cats and all, reading and thinking that there is no way all of what I said could be true. Little bit curiosity and little bit refreshing honesty sparked a moment that he spoke to me. A phone call happened quicker than I normally would have given out my number and a long conversation full of who we really are and not the version where you're trying to impress as I was busy with a photo session and people I was visiting at the time.

I can't really express what happened in those first week but something from higher power gave me a peace and comfort feeling about this being different. Our conversations about who we were, our needs and deal breakers seemed to align in a way that did not make sense to me (Although he was still allergic to cats). A week later on Oct 30th we would be going on our first actual date to the movie "TENET" Now good thing Harvey isn't writing this part or we would get lost in his sea of feelings about the confusion of this moving, how much he hates it and I'm never allowed to pick another movie ever again. But in that moment, he was less concerned about the movie but the time we had spent together before it. Obviously, it didn't impede him from asking me to come over the next day.

Oct 31, 2020
24 hours later we had added meeting his sister and mother into the mix, and I spent so much time talking to each of them connecting in even more strange but true ways. By the end of this night, we were officially dating and committed to learning and growing together. While we were so mind blown that we did not realize we signed up for each other on Halloween. With that being said, there are some special wedding nodes to Halloween in our wedding, scrabble letters and other things that make us think of our love story. We aren't traditional so it is only fitting we have a celebration of things that represents and reminds us of our story as we start a new chapter of LOVE, FAITH and HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

PS: The Cat and Harvey comingle and get along great with minimal allergies. Really is a gift from God that it just all fits together like we were built to be his family.

The Proposal

First a Disclaimer: Jennifer isn't the best speller.

February 19, 2022

We came up with the idea of a scrabble/word hunt. It started with a scavenger hunt for 3 bags of letters, then you have to make a "phrase" our of your letters.... (Which Spelt out Will You Marry Me). Our friends (Kara & Jason) knew about this and were there to play along in the "Tik Tok Challenge" as the other team against Jennifer and me. Their phrase said " It's About Time"... Mom started by giving us each our first clue leading each team to different areas of the house where the 3 bags were hidden. I didn't know where they were but laid low as I wanted her to lead the discovery. The duck was easy answer to find but we got a bit lost trying to figure out the one in the dryer and our friends were well ahead of us finding theirs and having to stall waiting on us to even get them all found. Then we get to the table to begin unscrambling our phrase. After several minutes of watching and putting some letter here and there, I finally had to give a little assistance. Even after it was spelt out, it took a while to set in what she was seeing. Her reaction was worth it though! I still can't remember what her answer was.

As priceless as that part of the story was, it did not end there. Her rings are ones from her mother who passed in 2004 and ones she wanted to wear. Her mom had very tiny hands, so she crammed the ring on her finger, turning her hand purple and red from cutting off the blood flow. We all had to insist and help to get the ring off and put it up so she wouldn't do it again. It was quite the alarming situation but now can be a funny memory as she kept all 10 fingers and now can wear the ring comfortably.

Welcome to our crazy story. But hey it works for US!

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