Tyler & Cassandra

We’re Getting Married!





Cherry Creek, NY

The Barn at Farrington Hollow

7495 Farrington Hollow Rd, Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Our Story

How We Met

Tyler and Cassie first met at a campfire in 2018. Tyler ended up coming around more at the Essek household. On the day of Cassie's graduation party from high school, she needed help putting on her shoes. Fortunately, Tyler was right there and he put on her heels just in time for her to leave. From then on, the rest is history!

The Proposal

The proposal began on the trip to Hawaii in 2022. Cassie and Tyler went to an amazing dinner at a fancy steakhouse. They ended up at the lagoon in Ko'Olina just in time for the sunset. Tyler began to take Cassie on a walk by the water. He proposed to her with the sunset looking on, and of course, she said YES!