Brandon & Victoria

We’re getting married!!





Ionia, MI

Applewood Farms

579 E Parmeter Rd, Ionia, MI 48846

Our Story

How We Met

Victoria and I met in high school, where her sister Diamond had introduced us. I had a crush on her for a couple years, however she was an all star at playing the game "lead the boy on." Eventually she gathered up all her thoughts and developed some sense haha. Our first date was at NCG and her sister dropped us off. We went to see Fast and Furious and I ordered a large drink and popcorn combo. I was nervous to eat in front of her and she was as well so neither of us touched the popcorn the whole movie. From there we started our journey of a relationship and the rest has lead us to this spectacular moment.

The Proposal

August 1st 2023 at 5pm Brandon asked me to go to dinner to celebrate national girlfriend's day at one of our favorite places. On our way to dinner I made a comment to Brandon say "Maybe this will be my last national girlfriends day" shortly after that Brandon just chuckled and said "yeah...OK." On our way to dinner Brandon said he wanted to check out a new fishing spot for us to try that coming up weekend. SO we pulled up to the Opera House downtown Grand Ledge and we walked near the river. After looking at the river both Brandon and I agreed that it wasn't a good fishing spot. We started to walk back to the car but once we got to the little terrace with flowers all around in bloom, he started shaking and talking to me.. At that point I still didn't have any idea what was going on and was very focused on getting to our dinner reservations on time. Once I saw Brandon on one knee saying my full name I was in shock and couldn't believe what I was seeing. All I could say was "shut up.. stop joking with me." Once I realized that he was being 100% he pulled out the ring and the first thing I said was " OMG that is HUGE..YES" he and I both started crying. I immediately face-timed my mom until she answered and shared the big news with her. We both were excited. The rest of the night Brandon and I both celebrated and made our rounds to our family's houses to tell them the big news.