Christian & Rachel

We’re Getting Married!





North East, MD

14-acre Vineyard where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are grown.

Bohemia Overlook

88 Rivers Edge Rd, North East, MD 21901

Our Story

How We Met

In the digital realm of Tinder, where swipes dictate fate, we stumbled upon our future with a serendipitous encounter. Our connection sparked like a wildfire, turning a casual right swipe into a whirlwind romance that led to the joy of calling each other fiancé.

The Proposal

Amid the enchanting glow of Christmas lights in Havre de Grace, my fiancé orchestrated a heartwarming proposal during a challenging month, turning adversity into a beacon of love. In the familiar embrace of the gazebo, where we had shared the magic of one of our first dates, he took a moment frozen in time to ask the question that would bind our lives together forever. The sparkle of holiday lights mirrored the sparkle in his eyes as he earnestly asked me to be his wife, creating a memory that outshone even the most radiant decorations around us.