Kathleen & Duane

We're Getting Hitched! Can't wait to see Y'all!





Garner, NC

Twin Oaks Barn

6644 Cornwallis Road, Garner, NC 27529

Our Story

How We Met

We met back in 2012, when we started working as co-workers at Rising Sun Pools. We quickly became good friends at work at outside of work at local breweries and events. For 8 years I was a Retail lady and he was the Purchaser and on July 11th, 2020 the stars finally aligned and we both realized we were meant to be together forever.

The Proposal

We got engaged November 26th 2021, the day after Thanksgiving, in Fayetteville, West Virginia - Of course the proposal did not happen the way Duane had intended it, as many things happen in life and usually it ends up the way it is supposed to. As most people know I am one that is very hard to surprise (that may be an understatement).

The week we were gone for Thanksgiving Duane had the ring on him hidden in his toiletry bag and come to find out, we are pretty sure, I touched it and saw the box several different times. Typical Kate, I forgot to pack some toiletries and went to go borrow some out of his bag multiple times throughout the trip. Fortunately he realized what I was doing and managed to remove the ring box and put in someplace that I was much less likely to find it.

When the time finally came again I, unaware of what Duane was planning, almost foiled his plan again BUT he did manage to catch me 100% off guard not expecting of the proposal at all. I figured if he were to do so on the trip he would have done it on the way to Ohio or while there for the holiday week. It had never crossed my mind that it might happen on the way home – He did an amazing job and of course I said YES!

Now here we are – planning and getting ready for our Wedding Day! We can’t wait to celebrate with Family & Friends to help support us on the official start of our forever!