Mason & Andrea

Forever Together

Mason Ogle
Andrea House

Jun 30th, 2024

At Shooting Star Ranch

Liberty Hill, Texas

Shooting Star Ranch

1704 County Road 285

Liberty Hill TX, 78642

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Our Story

How We Met

Mason and I met in February of 2021, also known as "The Great Freeze,” if you live in Texas, you know what I am talking about. I was in the last semester of college as he was just getting back into school after Covid. Rachel, my best friend, had just moved into my house a few months before I had met Mason. She’s the official one to introduce us and eventually push us together! Mason had joined our friend group just in the nick of time. It was beginning to get colder and colder until we were all stuck in our houses, snowed in. My house was the only one that still had electricity and running water so we all huddled up there for about a week or so. School was canceled and we were all goofing off and believe it or not... snowboarding behind tailgates! We were friends for 3 long months before things took a turn for the better. Rachel found out Mason had feelings for me, only to learn shortly after I felt the same way. She worked her magic and within a week Mason asked me on our first date. He took me to the lake and set up a beautiful and tasty picnic on May 4th, 2021. On that same date, in front of a sunset, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I gladly accepted and here we are still madly in love and ready to tie the knot!

I can’t wait to celebrate our special day with everyone. See you in June!