Stephanie & Kevin



Saturday, October 5th

5:00 PM

Ceremony at St. Mary's Church (Old Ursuline Convent)

1116 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church (named by Archbishop Shulte in March of 1994) was built in 1845 as the Chapel of the Archbishops during the administration of Bishop Antoine Blanc. The ground on which the chapel was constructed originally was the site of the Ursuline Convent and chapel dating to the arrival of the Ursulines in New Orleans. After the Ursulines moved down river in 1824, the site became the residence of the Archbishop of New Orleans. The church has born several names through its existence. It was originally called Stainte Marie de l'Archeveche and later Holy Trinity. Later, it became St. Mary's Italian Church, the official Italian parish of the Archdiocese, with services in the Italian language for the many Sicilian and Italian immigrants who settled in the lower French Quarter. In 1976, the name was changed to Our Lady of Victory to commemorate the Ursulines and their role in the winning of the Battle of New Orleans. Overall, the church has served the French, Spanish, Creole, Irish, German, Slovenian and Italian people as well as native Indians and the Sisters of the Holy Family who are predominantly an African-American order. The original Pilcher organ, built in 1890 for the Ursulines by the Pilcher Bros. of New Orleans, now stands restored and functional in the church choir loft. The church has now been named St. Mary's Church and it is part of the Antoine Blanc Memorial and Archdiocesan Archives housed at the Vieux Carre location.

7:00 PM

Reception at Latrobe's On Royal

403 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Latrobe’s on Royal is one of New Orleans’ most architecturally significant buildings and is a registered national landmark. Completed in 1822 as the Louisiana State Bank, Latrobe's is named after its Architect: Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Also known as the "Father of American Architecture", his contributions include: the US Capital, the Porticos of the White House, and the Baltimore Basilica, as well as the development of the Waterworks System of the United States. Signature elements include the whisper dome, the Bank Vault, and the original stonework.

10:00 PM

Second Line at Latrobe's to Pat O'Brien's

718 St Peter, New Orleans, LA 70116

Pat O'Brien's is home to the original flaming fountain (located in the courtyard) and the hurricane cocktail. Pat O'Brien's is reported to have invented the hurricane cocktail in the 1940s. The story of the drink's origin holds that, due to difficulties importing scotch during World War II, liquor salesmen forced bar owners to buy up to 50 cases of their much-more-plentiful rum in order to secure a single case of good whiskey or scotch. The barmen at Pat O'Brien's came up with an appealing recipe to reduce their bulging surplus of rum. When they decided to serve it in a hurricane glass, shaped like a hurricane lamp, the hurricane was born.

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