Amanda & Josh

We’re Getting Married!





Weatherford, TX

Tuscan Oaks Estate

109 Otto Road, Weatherford, TX 76087

Our Story

How We Met

We first met in the fourth grade at Magee Intermediate in Calallen. Josh’s family must have known something we didn’t because that was when they started teasing him about the two of us! Though the Hamiters moved away for a few years, and we reunited in highschool when they came back to Texas. Crushes grew around card games in geometry class and tennis practices after school. Josh asked Amanda on a date after coming to see her perform in a talent show, but Amanda was the first to say “I love you” at a homecoming football game. We spent time together at tennis tournaments, choir concerts, and just between classes. One of our favorite memories from this time is when Josh asked Amanda to homecoming with a betta fish that she named Kenickie.

A few years and one tearful goodbye later, we were headed to different universities and determined to make a long-distance relationship work. We made new friends and tried new things, and though we hated the two and a half hour drive through Houston, we made time for each other, too. Josh would accompany Amanda to the Maritime Ball in Galveston, and Amanda would take Josh to Aggie football games. One of our best memories from college was when we walked under the Century Tree together at Texas A&M University.

Before we knew it, we had graduated, and Josh found a great job in Fort Worth! Though Amanda was scared to start life in a new place, she wanted nothing more than to be with Josh and followed him so that we could begin our new life together. We started working, started dating in a new city, and found new things we enjoy doing together. Growing up together has been the happiest time of our lives, and we can’t wait to begin the next chapter in married life.

The Proposal

From the time that we moved to Fort Worth, Amanda wanted to visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. The day that Josh asked her on a date to the gardens, Amanda started feeling butterflies in her stomach that wouldn’t go away. The closer our date got, the more excited Amanda became, and the more nervous Josh became. As we walked through the gardens, Josh stopped us in front of the roses for a picture. While Amanda posed for a photo, Josh got down on one knee. We couldn’t have been happier when Amanda said “yes”, and she joined Josh on his knees to hug him and let him slip the ring on her finger. After that, we seemed to float through the rest of the garden and spent the rest of the day soaking in newly-engaged bliss. We’re so excited to be planning our wedding and look forward to sharing this special moment with our loved ones.