What does Weven do?

    For Venues: Weven's first-of-its-kind venue management system seamlessly consolidates all of your leads, communication, billing, documents, contacts, checklists, event details and more into one easy-to-use dashboard. With features like templates, auto responses, tasks, and reminders, Weven helps you quickly prioritize, qualify, and respond to leads, automatically collect signatures, payments, and information from clients, and manage your entire process in a more organized and efficient way. Weven’s all-in-one system eliminates mundane tasks, cuts down on back-and-forth communication, reduces risk and liability, and gives you greater confidence, visibility, and control over your business.

    For Couples: All of your wedding clients and their planning teams get a free, venue-specific Planning Portal to guide them through the planning process at your venue. In their portal, they can easily view important to-dos, make payments, sign documents, create timelines, upload seating charts and other files, contact your preferred vendors, share their vendor list, build a wedding website, manage their guest list, and more. As they complete tasks in Weven, their portal automatically updates your venue’s dashboard with the information that you need for their event, making planning convenient and stress-free for all involved. Weven’s Planning Portal is a must-have differentiator for today’s tech-savvy couples, resulting in excellent feedback, word-of-mouth referrals, and stellar reviews for your venue!

    How does Weven help Venue Coordinators?

    Venue Coordinators are our biggest fans! Our intuitive system consolidates and helps you quickly qualify all of your leads while facilitating seamless collaboration, organization, and information sharing between current or prospective client and venue representative. You retain full control over client communication and your level of involvement in their planning to deliver a personalized, high-touch experience in less time. Plus, Weven’s automated reminders help venue coordinators stay on top of the details so that you have peace of mind knowing that no lead or event has fallen through the cracks. Have a team? Gain key insights and visibility into their performance and assign individuals to events as needed to keep everyone on the same page.

    What types of venues, businesses and spaces do you work with?

    A better question would be: what types of spaces don't we work with? Our current venue partners include farms, barns, breweries, museums, industrial spaces, gardens, parks, summer camps, wineries, inns, B&Bs, retreats, historic estates and more. Many offer a highly customizable experience for couples, others offer onsite accommodations, and our system is optimized for both.

    Can I accept online payments from clients using your system?

    Yes! As a venue, you can use Weven to collect payments online via credit card or ACH bank transfer. No more chasing down payments from your clients; simply set a due date and send them automated reminders until you get paid. Payments are processed through our trusted third-party partner, Stripe; incurring a standard processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for payments made via credit card and .8% fee that is capped at $5 for ACH bank transfer.

    I also host other events like birthday parties, reunions, etc. Can I use your system to manage those too?

    Absolutely. Our system is meant to handle all of your private events. I's just one more way Weven simplifies and streamlines your process!

    How does pricing work?

    No one likes paying for things they won't use, so we offer affordable tiered yearly packages based on your unique business, event volume, and goals to ensure you’re only paying for tools and capabilities you need. Schedule a *free* 15 minute consultation with an expert for customized recommendations, a custom quote, and to see if Weven is right for your business.

    Is Weven a marketing platform?

    Weven is not a marketing site. However, venues that use Weven's venue management system do receive a comprehensive listing in our couple-facing venue directory. Venues can opt to direct prospective clients to their Weven listing for more information about their venue as part of their qualification process. Plus, your personally assigned Weven Team of industry experts will work with you to understand your business goals and supply custom analytics, helpful insights, and pertinent recommendations!

    My venue doesn't do very many events & weddings per year. Would Weven still be useful for me?

    Yes! No matter how many events you're hosting, our system will save you time and make your life easier. We hear incredible feedback from our partners of all sizes, whether private events are just a complementary offering to your main business or you just like to keep things smaller-scale and more manageable. A common thread throughout our loyal community of partners is the lift that every facet of their business has gotten since adding us in. Regardless of size, volume, or how manageable their event business felt before, what they’ll tell you now is that -with the addition of Weven- it’s all so much better!

    My venue is just getting started. How can Weven help us get established and scale?

    We love partnering with and supporting newer spaces looking to launch their private event business. As a newer venue, it's imperative that a strong event process is established from the get-go; and our system can absolutely help lay that foundation to ensure a sustainable and successful future for events. We also love consulting with newer venues and spaces, and our expert team can give personalized tips and best practices on quick ways to see success.

    Did you hear about the two cell phones that got married?

    The reception was terrific.