Peter & Mari

Mari and Peter are getting married!





Cape Neddick, ME

Entering the Barn
Photo Credit: Trafton Photography

Josias River Farm

at Josias River Farm

171 Logging Road, Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Our Story

How We Met

Mari was happily minding her own business and enjoying her colleague's marriage celebration. The revelries were interrupted by me; a loud, obnoxioufs American who left a lasting impression - One which was neither forgiven, nor forgotten for months to come. Our first real connection came at the company Christmas party in 2015, which was shortly followed by Mari and friends coming to my place for dinner (after extensive boasting about my culinary capabilities). The dinner was a success and a few short weeks later, we spent our first Valentines Day together. This was followed by our first Golden Week trip (Kozushima) and somewhere along the way, we fell in love.

Since then, we have enjoyed so many milestones - our first snowboard trip (and subsequent 100+ days on the slopes), meeting the families, traveling to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy, America and more. We braved the Tokyo real estate market (twice) and moved in together to test the waters before eventually buying a place together*. We know there are many milestones left ahead and are excited to face them together.

*together - So actually, Mari bought it and just lets me live there as a tenant. Her generosity is truly boundless.




The Proposal

Some couples want a grand romantic gesture. A surprised bride-to-be in a room full of roses and all of their friends and family present to see them get engaged. This is not our story. One of us was very concerned about their hair, makeup and attire for the photos and, as such, was quite communicative about NOT being surprised on the day of the engagement.

Our engagement took place in the Saltonstall Farm Barn in Stratham, New Hampshire. The temperature was a brisk 25 degrees (-4C) and there was no heat in the barn. We were joined by Amy Selwyn (aunt extraordinaire), who captured the event so wonderfully in the photos you see here on this page.