Erica & Max

We’re Getting Married!





North Stonington, CT

Jonathan Edwards Winery

74 Chester Maine Road, North Stonington, CT 06359

Our Story

How We Met

Erica and Max met in the summer of 2019 through mutual friends at a New York City patio day party. After a few subsequent encounters at various other social gatherings, Erica and Max went on their first official date to the Blackbarn Restaurant near Madison Square Park. After a Labor Day Weekend rooftop pool excursion at the Williamsburg Hotel, the rest was history!

The Proposal

On a warm September day in 2022, Max and Erica set out for a Saturday brunch to meet Max's stepmother across Madison Square Park. While Erica thought they were simply going to enjoy a nice meal on the rooftop of Eataly that Saturday, little did she know Max had a photographer blending in with the crowd and their pup Cali only a few blocks away. With the park being a regular point they would walk through to get to each other's apartments when they first started dating, Max knew it would be the perfect spot to propose. Walking through the park on the way to its famous fountain, just before arriving at the landmark Max got down on one knee and asked the ultimate question. Erica's brother and sister-in-law were soon there with Cali to celebrate the moment.