Gino & Alexus

Finally Fedele!

Gino Fedele




Prospect, PA

Photo By: Oakwood Photo + Video

The Atrium at Eisler Farms

1031 New Castle Road, Prospect, PA 16052

Our Story

How We Met

Doesn't God work in mysterious ways...
My (Alexus) Aunt Cristen is attending SUM Bible College and was required to attend a conference in Texas. While she was there I got a text about this "cute Italian boy who can sing" and was asked if she could tell him about me. Important note, I have never been a fan of my family trying to set me up, but something inside me told me to let her so I told her she could. That week I proceeded to get text after text about this boy who eventually followed me on Instagram. For a whole month, I contemplated messaging this boy. The Lord was doing a work in me though, I was driving to a wedding and listening to a sermon about patience. I felt like I needed to wait. I didn't know what I needed to wait for. The whole day passes and when I woke up the next morning I received a message from Gino, and the rest is history!

The Proposal

Gino and I had our first date in Buffalo NY. We live about five and a half hours away from each other so for our first meeting we decided to meet halfway where we went hiking to Eternal Flame Falls. We spent that day hiking and then driving around just getting to know each other more. I ended up falling asleep and Gino drove around till he found the perfect place. He woke me up and that is when we had our first kiss. Where would be a more fitting place to propose than there? Gino worked with his cousin Rachael (shout out to Rachael! Thank you!) to set up a beautiful little fall scene. He had a blanket with pumpkins and mums all set up in a cute little area where he was going to propose. It was really sweet and romantic with the two of us there and Rachael, who took pictures. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and getting to spend time together because we hadn't seen each other in over a month.