Gino & Alexus

Finally Fedele!

Gino Fedele




Prospect, PA

Photo By: Oakwood Photo + Video

The Atrium at Eisler Farms

1031 New Castle Road, Prospect, PA 16052

Our Story

How We Met

Doesn't God work in mysterious ways...
My (Alexus) Aunt Cristen is attending SUM Bible College and was required to attend a conference in Texas. She texted me about a charming Italian boy who sings, and asked if she could introduce us. Although I've never been keen on family setups, something urged me to give it a shot, and I agreed. Over the next few days, I received a flurry of texts about this boy, who eventually followed me on Instagram. Despite the excitement, I felt a nudge from God to be patient, but I wasn't sure what for. That same day, while driving to a wedding and listening to a sermon, I felt a strong conviction to wait. The following morning, I received a message from Gino, and everything made sense. Looking back, I realize that God was working on my heart, preparing me for this beautiful connection. Now, I cherish the journey that brought us together.

The Proposal

Gino and I decided to have our first date in Buffalo, NY, which was halfway between our homes that were five and a half hours apart. We chose to hike to Eternal Flame Falls, and spent the day getting to know each other better as we explored the scenic trails. As the day went on, I fell asleep, and Gino took the opportunity to drive around until he found the perfect spot. When he woke me up, it was a magical moment as we shared our first kiss. Little did I know that this spot would also become the site of our engagement. Gino collaborated with his cousin Rachael, who deserves a big shoutout, for creating a beautiful fall-themed setup with a blanket, pumpkins, and mums. The proposal was incredibly romantic and intimate, with only the two of us and Rachael, who captured the moment with stunning photographs. Afterward, we spent the day relishing each other's company, grateful for the chance to spend time together after being apart for over a month.