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July 30th, 2022

Owls Hoot Barn

386 Bronck Mill Rd

West Coxsackie NY, 12192

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Our Story

How We Met

When we met on the Bates college debate team it was love at first sight. We locked eyes across the activities fair and…wait. That wasn’t it. But we definitely got around to love eventually! Then, when Matt graduated, we were so enchanted that he spent the next two years in Maine because we couldn’t be apart. No? We spent 2 years on different continents? We tried every version of long-distance call imaginable from South Africa to Bolivia? Well, that must’ve been fun. Anyhow, along the way, we found each other in Rwanda, ate a lot of KFC in Ghana, galavanted around Europe, and, after Tessa graduated, settled down in Boston. We knew we were never to part again. Oh, wait. Tessa went off to DC for two years? Well, after Tessa had dodged most of Matt’s legal education, we found ourselves nestled into a Cambridge apartment that became a gym, office, kayak storage facility, haven for mice, neighborly dispute factory, quarantine facility, and, ultimately, home. As we move forward, we honestly don’t know where we’ll be, or how many tents or frame packs or pairs of ski we’ll have with us. But we know we don’t want to turn the page without celebrating our love and partnership with all of you.