Ashley & Bruce

Bring on the NEWmaster





Butler, PA

Photo By: LondynnKate Photography Wedding + Lifestyle and Documentary

The Woods at Eisler Farms

531 Dick Road, Butler, PA 16001

Our Story

How We Met

It all started with two people swiping right! Yep that’s right another online relationship! We decided to go to the zoo for our first date and as we were driving there one of us was so nervous (Bruce) and the other one (Ashley) thought the other wasn’t going to show up. Lone behold we both pulled up and the date was so good we went to Bar Louie and racked up quite a bill on martini’s. The end of the night was then ended by a thunderstorm and we had to run/walk back to the casino. After we parted ways we both knew this was the beginning of a new relationship.

The Proposal

Here we are 9 months into our relationship and your going out with your dad and your mom to James Douglas Jewelers and your sisters were setting up a reservation for Vinoski Winery for May 15, 2021. He said it was for graduating nursing school but I had a suspicion so a few days prior I went and got my nails done and a new dress! We began to get ready to leave for the winery and I have no idea how you hid that box in your pocket but you sure did! We get there and meet everyone joining us and go over to our table where everyone began to set there items down. Next thing you bring me over to the fence and have me stare at a light in the distance and at this moment I knew what was happening and I had no idea when to turn around. After what felt like 20 minutes I turned around and there you were on one knee with the ring barely able to speak any words! We were engaged! The rest of the night was filled with laughter, photos, and lots of wine!