Tracy & Demetrius


Tracy Carnahan
Demetrius Lockley

Oct 14th, 2023

At The Atrium at Eisler Farms

Prospect, Pennsylvania

The Atrium at Eisler Farms

1031 New Castle Road

Prospect PA, 16052

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Our Story

How We Met

Meach and I met one day as I was hanging out at the YMCA, I was hanging out up in the dance room with some friends, Meach came up to join as we all know he can't help himself when it comes to busting a move, few years passed and I kept seeing his goofball self singing/dancing videos on his snapchat story. I reached out I telling him how much I enjoyed watching his stories. A little while passed and he messaged me saying "loser" on Facebook, sparks flew from there.

The Proposal

this is one ill remember forever <3
one day Meach was playing flag football.... I always went to all his games to cheer him on, so to no surprise he was out on the starting line up, EVERYONE was there!!!(this didn't throw any red flags because I thought it was a nice day and everyone wanted to see the first game of the season)
the first pass of the game was made by Ryan Good (our officiant) directly to Meach!
Meach jumps up to catch the ball but somehow comes down and lands on his arm... he previously injured his shoulder and was just getting over it causing him issues... I sat there for a moment but everyone on the side lines seemed to know he was hurt bad.... they all ushered me to go check on him and at this point he was actually tossing and turning back and forth like he was seriously injured... my silly self told him he needs to get up and stretch it out (: I go to help him up and he pops up on one knee with the biggest smile on his face and pops the question.... obviously I said yes or you wouldn't be reading this today!