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June 15th, 2023

Urban Daisy Events

1621 East Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis MN, 55414

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Our Story

How We Met

We met through friends, one was interested and one wasn’t sure yet. He asked his friend for her number. Set a date and met up. I planned to only stay a short time but it turned into 3+ hours of chatting over whiskey and the rest was history. Our official first date was to an apple orchard. From the start there was an ease and comfort for the two us. We are excited to continue on this journey!

The Proposal

Jason had the whole day planned with a lot of surprises along the way. He made subtle hints ahead of the proposal to ensure we were set for a fun date night. We started at Manny’s for a nice dinner and conversation. A special surprise dessert was delivered to our table building the anticipation. Jason rushed us through the dessert, because he had better plans in store— my favorite dessert restaurant Cafe Latte was the next stop. The surprises kept coming with a few familiar faces peeking from a window. We entered the side door with a table set just for us and daisies in the center. Jason encouraged me to sit down and handed me a letter while he went order our cake. I was midway through the letter, as the tears started, and realized this was the moment. He came back and just as I finished and we took a moment before our cake arrived. The cake came and all I saw was sparkles. Jason was on his knee and Jaylen came out of nowhere to my side. All of sudden we both are crying, there’s a ring on my finger, and a crowd of people clapping. We look into the crowd and another big surprise. Jason had planned to have special people in our life present. He made sure my people were there and present which included my best friend from Wisconsin, my brothers and sister-law traveling from Florida and San Diego. The line of people kept coming, it was a night to remember with family and friends.