Are Getting Married!

You're Invited

October 30th, 2021

Smith Farm Gardens at Smith Garden Farms

60 Smith Road

East Haddam CT, 06423

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Our Story

How We Met

Steven and I went to high school together but never officially met until September 2019. We were and have always been amazed at how many of the same people we knew yet never crossed paths until we were meant to!

The Proposal

It was a regular Friday night, or so I thought...
Steven asked me to check on the progress of the new building with him.... which I didn't think anything of at the time. It had been a weekly thing we've done since the building renovations commenced.
Everything looked great on the first floor!
Now, keep in mind the building is under renovation SOOO, to get up to the second floor, there were still no stairs INSIDE the building. I had to walk up the side of the building with no lights to guide the way... and naturally when he asked me to go up to check out where the new offices would be, I said "Nope! I'm too scared, its too dark! I'll go up there tomorrow in the light of day".
Without even realizing, Steven made his way up there and summoned me through the hole in the ceiling where the new staircase would be going....
I reluctantly went outside and made my way up too!!
When I made it up there, I opened the door to the second floor, and on the wall where his desk would be... were balloons that said "Will you marry me?", long stem roses, rose petals all over the floor and fairy lights. Our dog Ricky had a bandana around his neck that said "Will you marry my dad?", and of course I said YES!!