Shannon & Andy





Dripping Springs, TX


5001 McGregor Lane, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Our Story

How We Met

Our love story began in Summer 2017. Our first date took place at none other than Chuy's, home of the best creamy jalapeno dip and mango margaritas of all time! If you know us, you know we quickly bonded over our love of food. If you really know us, you know that Andy's fork made its way over to my plate soon after his meal was finished, and I ended up giving him half of my enchiladas before dinner was over. We talked and laughed until Chuy's closed, then we talked and laughed in the parking lot for another hour.

Fast forward a few weeks, a bunch of dates and an equal amount of shared plates later. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, and what was supposed to be one last quick visit before the storm arrived turned into Andy and I being stranded together for days in my apartment building. It was during this time that me and my neighbors (who doubled as best friends) got to learn that Andy can freestyle, Andy learned how much I love to cook, and we all saw just how much the man can eat. It was a good thing we were both already hooked on each other, or you may not be reading this right now!

On a serious note, the fun, beautiful and chaotic story of our first few months together set the stage for the amazing love we share today. Both of our lives have been full more full of love, joy, laughter, music, adventures and amazing memories since the moment we met and we can't wait to celebrate this journey with you, the people we love most.