Angeles & Cody

Our Love Story

Angeles Rodriguez-Madera
Cody Ellis

Apr 4th, 2024

At The Buttes at Reflections

Tucson, Arizona

The Buttes at Reflections

9800 N Oracle Road

Tucson AZ, 85704

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Our Story

How We Met

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33

We first met while serving at the student’s ministry at our church. Sitting next to each other during a meeting, we connected over our academic backgrounds and careers. Our conversation was cut short but we both remember thinking how nice it was to connect with each other. During the team meeting the following month, I (Cody) remember saying hi to Angel on the way in and she sat behind me during the meeting. During the meeting, the speaker asked us to calculate the amount of hours we spend each week participating in activities related to seeking the Lord and to multiply that over the course of weeks, years and over the span of a decade.

Over ten thousand hours... that’s all I (Angel) saw reflected on Cody’s phone. I remember thinking that it would be lovely to become friends with a man who dedicated that much time to the things of God. Sometime later, during a Wednesday night prayer service, I saw him worshipping and felt a nudge to approach him, and ask him if it would be okay to sit together. After the service we stayed in the church and continued our conversation from the first night we met. The time seemed to slip away until no one was left but us two. Talking with each other felt so natural, as if talking to a long-time friend.

I (Cody) asked her out for a coffee the following week. We went out for coffee and then out again for brunch. On each occasion, we talked for hours until they kicked us out to close. By the third date, we both knew that we could easily spend the rest of our lives together.

The Proposal

A little less than five months into dating, I (Cody) bought the engagement ring and began planning the proposal. I knew that Angel wanted it to be special and intimate, and I wanted it to be a surprise. October 28th, 2023 began as a normal day. We had planned to get coffee in the morning at a nice little coffee shop before going on a seemingly ordinary hike on Mt. Lemmon. Everything fell into place that day. During the hike I suggested that we take some photos for fun. We laughed about not being able to take a good photo considering that we had hiked for well over two hours. While she was fixing her hair – with her back turned to me – I set up the phone camera and said to her: “I think we can take a better one”.

I (Angel) turned around, started posing, and in that moment I saw Cody getting down on one knee with the ring in his hand and said… “Today’s the day…”. I couldn’t contain my tears and started trembling. He asked “Will you marry me?” … and that was it. "Yes!" I said. Everything he did that day was so special. Looking back on it, every question he would randomly ask from time to time, every detail of the arrangement, the jokes we shared, all the sweet things that he said to me throughout the hike… all of it, was leading up to that final question. And so, here we are now.