ACH Bank Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

Follow this tutorial on connecting your bank account to complete ACH transactions in Weven.

For further support with ACH payments, continue reading the following frequently asked questions and their answers.


Q: I am trying to pay my venue using ACH bank transfer but I don't see the micro-deposit in my account yet. What should I do?

A: After entering in your account and routing numbers it will take, on average, two business days for the microdeposits to reach your account. Keep an eye out, and then return to the payment page to complete the bank transfer!


Q: It says I entered the micro-deposit incorrectly, but it looks correct... what did I do wrong?

A: Make sure the deposits are entered in the order in which they were received - sometimes they way they display in your bank account is most recent first, whereas Stripe will want you to have oldest first, then most recent!

Follow this tutorial for step-by-step support connecting your bank account to Weven.

Q: I only received one micro-deposit. Where is the second deposit?

A: Sometimes the bank puts both micro-deposit amounts under one transaction. Make sure to check the transaction details. If you are having trouble, reach out to Weven Support!


Q: I’m out of attempts to enter the micro-deposits. What do I do now?

A: Reach out to Weven Support! With your assistance, we are often able to complete the verification on your behalf.


Q: Can I complete the requested payment using a different method not listed?

A: The payment methods you see on your payment links are selected by your venue host. If you wish to complete the payment using another payment method, reach out to your venue directly to see what other methods are accepted.


Q: Can I pay a different amount than what is requested?

A: We recommend reaching out to your venue host if you wish to pay more or less than requested on your payment link. Often times they are willing to work with you to determine a payment schedule!